Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sweet Summertime!

So I am enjoying every last bit of summer that I can. It's hard to believe that in a little over 3 weeks I'll be back at work already. It's crazy. I had 2 main goals for this summer.
  1. To relish in every moment and enjoy my family
  2. To kickstart my weight loss again
Well let's just say that I accomplished my first goal but not so much my second one. We have enjoyed swimming, library visits, fireworks, legoland, movies, and some quality time together. On this week's agenda are Stone Mountain, waterpark with friends, Sea World, and cruise. We actually sail out on Saturday for a Bahamas cruise so needless to say we have a very busy week ahead knocking several things off our summer bucket list. 

When I look back over the summer thus far, part of me is frustrated that I didn't get my weight loss moving again but I can say I did lose the 7 pounds that I had gained just in the last month of school from stress eating. Now my goal is to not gain 7 pounds back during the 1st month of school from stress eating. But with all that said, I am still at my lowest weight of 197. It's frustrating that I am only 12 pounds away from my 100 pounds lost mark but it's okay. It's only a number right? To be honest it's more of a mental thing. I really am happy where I am. I can now go into 95% of the stores I would be interested in, see something on the rack, find a large or XL and buy it and it fits. And I'm healthy. I can run and ride bikes and play with Destiny without feeling like I'm dying. I no longer feel anxiety about going to places like Stone Mountain because those trips used to mean stopping every few minutes to catch my breath. So I guess the weight loss will come....eventually. I have a goal of starting 5K's in the fall and have many more short term goals. The votes of confidence and encouraging words from my family and friends carries me through those days where I get frustrated with it all. I leave you with a couple before and after pics. 

(Left-October 2010--------Right-December 2011)

(Left-September 2009----------------Right-July 2012)

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