Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who the mess likes running?

So as you may have read from my last post, nearly 2 months ago A LOT has happened. The school year has gotten chaotic, which is my normal. Just part of the job.

 I have started "wogging". (Thanks Jessica for the new word) For those of you that don't know that term, I am a half walker-half jogger. It is not pretty. I always hoped to be one of those "pretty runners" but guess what, it ain't happenin'. People also keep telling me that the more I do it that I will eventually begin to LOVE it. Guess what you people must have lost your flippin' mind because there isn't anything fun about running, or wogging in my case. HOWEVER, I have put that to the side and I have committed to doing two 5K's within the next couple of weeks. Next Saturday (Nov. 3) will be my first one that is a fundraiser for a homeless shelter that is a ministry of my childhood church. Even if it's not pretty, I can do it. Then my dear friend Krystal has talked me into doing the Lanier Under the Lights 5K with her which is at Lake Lanier Islands and it's an evening 5K where we "wog" under the Christmas lights at the islands. No better way to begin to get into the Christmas spirit, right?

On the weight loss front, I have gotten down to my lowest weight to date, 197.6. SOOOO excited about that. Now I've been stuck there for a little over a week but it's better to be stuck under 200 than over it. I still have a week to make it to 190 before my doctors appointment. I doubt that goal will be made but I am super proud of myself for getting over 10 pounds off on my own with diet and exercise. So I'm good, God is good, life is good.