Monday, June 18, 2012

Destiny's Summer Bucket List 2012

So Destiny has heard Jason and I discuss our "bucket list" several times. So a few weeks ago we started talking about needing to make a list of what all we wanted to do this summer and she said

"I know. We will have a summer bucket list"

First of all, let me just tell you that I LOVE my child. She is so creative and has such big ideas and imaginations. So I thought why not so I bought some bright colored sticky notes for Destiny to make her list on. This is what her finalized list on our living room door looks like....

As you can see her list is not too out of the ordinary. I just love some of the spelling like "plane a playdate"
and "swimm with friends". So today we actually knocked one thing off the bucket list. We visited LegoLand Discovery Center in Atlanta. It was pretty cool and definitely something we all enjoyed. Destiny was so fun during the 4D cinema when the snow started falling. She was grabbing at it not realizing it was real at first and when she realized it was real her smile couldn't have gotten any bigger. Here are some pictures of bucket list #1 as indicated in the first pic. ENJOY!

Bucket List #1
Posing with the Lego guy

Des and her daddy

Swinging in the Fire Department Playground

My baby girl and I

She is DEFINITELY cuter than the puppy!!

My goal is to post a new blog for every item we do on the summer bucket list. So stay tuned!

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