Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Almost 60 pounds......HOLY CRAP!!!!

Friday will mark my 4 month surgiversary. These 4 months have gone by SOOOOO fast. I have currently lost 58.8 pounds since surgery and am in shock by the differences. I don't always notice the differences because I see myself in the mirror everyday. I receive lots of compliments and am still learning how to accept them. I rarely got compliments before. Compliments to an almost 300 pound woman are about as rare as water in the desert. LOL! However, my family just got back from a Caribbean cruise and was working on posting pictures on facebook. I thought "hey I've got pics on here from last summers cruise which were of me at my highest weight of 285 pounds". So I proceeded to look them up. I thought I would post a few before/after pics from last summer's cruise to this summer's cruise. Even I can see the difference in them when put side by side.

Okay so I guess I have to finally take the compliments because WOW. To think that I weighed 216 this morning down from 285 in these before pics is CRAZY. I have TOTALLY lost 69 pounds since these pics and 59 pounds since surgery. Would I do it again? HELL yes.....pardon my french. The confidence and energy I feel now can't be matched. I haven't been this close to "onederland" since I was a freshman in high school. CRAZY!!!!! Thanks to everyone for your continued support and for the compliments that I may not be able to accept with ease quite yet. Look out Heidi Klum, move your skinny butt over because I'm gonna catch you. LOL!

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