Friday, April 1, 2011

The "weight" is over

I will be the very first to admit that this whole weight loss surgery thing has been harder than I expected, until now at least. I will attempt to journal you through what the last 9 days of my life have looked like.

Tuesday, March 22nd
Arrived at hospital around 8 AM a nervous wreck. They gave me some versed (sp?) to calm my anxiety. When I had gallbladder surgery, they gave me the same stuff and it knocked me out. This time, it didn't knock me out. I was laying WIDE AWAKE as they rolled me back to the operating room a little before 10 AM. I remember laying there staring at the ceiling and those HUGE lights. This nurse was talking to me telling me to be calm and just breathe as she place an oxygen mask over my mouth/nose. I remember trying to think about what was going to happen and then......NOTHING!!!! I was out cold. The next thing I remember was waking up in my room. I even slept through recovery. My family and several of my wonderful friends came to visit me but I was not a very good entertainer as I couldn't stay awake long enough to have a five minute conversation.

Wednesday, March 23rd
This day was also alot like a blur. I don't remember most of it except for having to drink this disgusting dye to make sure that my new tummy wasn't leaking and finally getting to have a popsicle. I finally got permission to go home from the doc around 6:30ish, just in time for shift change at the hospital which meant that it was around 8:00 before we actually got to leave. Went by pharmacy to get my meds and then to my mama's house to stay the first couple of nights as Jason had to go back to work on Thursday. All  I know about Wednesday is that the seemingly ENDLESS waves of nausea started around 7:30 that night and that SUCKED!!!

Thursday, March 24th
Slept most of the day so that I wouldn't throw up. Finally decided it was the medicine so I quit taking that and that night tried some liquid tylenol. Lo and behold, dry heaving ensued again about 5 minutes after the tylenol. So I did it. I vowed to take NO MORE MEDICINE.

Friday, March 25th
Felt a little better today, finally no more nausea. Still struggling to get in enough liquids. The sound of anything to eat or drink was not appealing at all. We finally came "home" to our house on Friday evening. I was ready to try my bed versus the recliner I'd been sleeping in.

Saturday, March 26th-Tuesday, March 29th
Everyday seemed to get a little bit better. Stronger and stronger everyday with a few weak spells in there. Getting REALLY sick of sweet liquid diet though. Sweet protein drinks, sweet pudding, sweet popsicles. UGH!!

Wednesday, March 30th
Post-op appointment. Doc says everything looks great. Now I am moved to stage 3 diet, soft proteins: eggs, beans, fish, etc. It has NEVER felt so good to eat an egg for breakfast and some lima beans for dinner.

Thursday,  March 31st
Felt pretty good today. Just feel a little worn down from yesterdays doctor visit and the couple of errands I had to run. So I'm just chilling. taking it easy, one day at a time.

Friday, April 1st
Today has been.......YUCKY. Not sure why but this is the worst I've felt since last Saturday. Not sure why but I just know I don't like it. I am thinking I was a little shy on getting in all my liquids yesterday so a little bit of dehydration hit me a little hard this morning as I thought I was going to pass out while in the shower. Finally stomached about half an egg and some water and started feeling a little better. Just felt like every ounce of energy I have has been zapped today. Just a day to prove to me I'm not 100% yet I guess. I get it. Gonna make sure to get my liquids in and my protein. I have done much better today though. I ate my first piece of chicken tonight even though I was SUPER scared of it making me sick. I had about 1 1/2 pieces of Jason's sesame chicken from chinese take out. I made sure to chew it really well and picked off any sesame seeds. I did it. It didn't make me sick and I DID IT! It felt like I was "succeeding" at this new way of eating. It gave me faith in myself. This road is certainly not easy but I'm excited about it and am appreciative for my friends and family that are cheering me on every step of the way.

My stats so far:
Highest weight: 285 (July 2011)
Weight at beginning of pre-op liquid diet: 275 (March 8, 2011)
Surgery Weight: 264.4 (March 22, 2011)
Current Weight 248.8 (April 1st, 2011)

So I have lost a total of 36.2 pounds since this journey began in July, with 26.2 of those being in the last month. So I can't complain. I started not to include my actual weight, just how much I've lost but I'm laying it all out there. I have hidden behind my weight too long. Now I want everyone to know so that they can continue to cheer me on and hold me accountable. Till next time..............

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