Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Big Announcement

So I've been sort of secretly sharing my news via this blog and facebook. It is now official. I am the new math coach at Lyman Hall Elementary. Alot of you may be saying..."that's what all the hype was about...really?" But yes, and it's a lot more of a big deal than some of you may realize. In 2006, I decided that for once in my life, I was going to set a goal for myself and actually put steps in place to meet that goal. So I set my goal to be a math coach within the next five years from that point, which was in 2006. With my goal in place, the first step was grad school to get my master's degree. I decided to get my master's in elementary education with a specialization in elementary mathematics. From that point on, I made my goal known to my administration and set my yearly professional goals to improve in different areas of mathematics. Then my administrators had enough faith in me to put me in a somewhat math leadership role by being the math contact person for our school. At the beginning of December, I found out about a title I math position which is a position where the person would be working with faculty from all 10 title I schools in our county. I went for the interview and felt very good about it. It wasn't my ideal job but I really thought it would broaden my resume to eventually lead to my math coach position. Much to my surprise, the principal at Lyman Hall called to tell me they had offered the title I position to someone else but that the interview panel felt like I would be the best choice for another position that had previously been unannounced.....MATH COACH. I obviously accepted the position.

So I said all that to say that God really does know the desires of our heart and HE grants them, even in ways we don't understand or see coming. So Friday is my last day at Chicopee Woods. I'm very sad about leaving because I believe we have the best faculty in the WORLD, but I know God has bigger plans. So if you haven't dreamed a little lately, you should. Then set some goals from your dreams, put action steps in place, and seek HIS face and the dreams you have will be granted.

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